Integrated ATM Booth Security & Power Management System

Kanoe 360iā€™ is an end to end IP based integrated module of multiple security and power management sub modules best suits for small to large ATM rooms.


Sub Modules

         1) Surveillance

         2) Security Alarm & Fire Detection

         3) Energy Monitor & Control

         4) Voice communication & Remote Viewing


                            Surveillance Module: Comprises of 4 channel system with Day-Night HD cameras with IP compatible remote viewing system with local recording of backup of 100 days.


                             Security Alarm & Fire Detection:  Comprises of  contact sensors minimum 4 numbers, Panic button, Motion sensor, Light sensor, Siren, Temperature sensor, Smoke and Fire detector, AC's temperature control (Individual AC, upto 4 numbers ), provision for another 4 sensor respected to future integration


                               Energy Monitor & Control:  Energy monitoring cum Remote switch On / Off

   EMR for entire site / ATM booth

   Energy usages of ATM machine

   Energy usages of  lights of inside ATM

   Energy usages of  AC ( upto 4 numbers)

   Energy usages of Glow sin board ( Times based

   control required )

   Energy usages of back side room

   Energy usages of ATM canday


                               Voice communication & Remote Viewing: Comprises of Two way Voice and automatic reporting system also has  remote viewing through 2mbps /3G/4G 3rd party broadband.

POWER BACKUP: Inbuilt UPS of 8-12 hours

Security Alarm & Fire Detection

Energy Monitor & Control

Micro controller based system.
3+1 3+1 Zone Security cum Fire Panel with inbuilt GSM auto dialer & Power equipment switch ON/OFF- automation with LCD & onboard keypad with option of external RKP.
3 fully programmable zone.
24 hour 1 separate panic zone in addition of 4 zone.
16 key back light keypad.
User can also arm or Disarm the system by electronic key.
LCD display for easy programming.
Zone omitting facility.
Inbuilt 90 db siren.

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